Community Blog: My Computer Is Ruining My Relationship

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Ever since I got a computer my relationship has gotten much more complicated. I have rules for my computer. Rule #1 NO looking at porn EVER! Rule #2 Never break rule #1! Why is it that my man feels he can break this rule whenever he wants to?

I love my laptop. I'm able to keep in contact with old friends and my family. I'm able to buy things on here that I can't find locally. I don't want to get rid of my computer, but I don't wanna get rid of my man either. I have blocked websites, but he finds other ones to go. I have put a security block on his account, but he figured out the password and changed it. I have tried and tried and tried to trust him, but every time I feel things are going good Rule #1 gets broken. WHY? What is so great about looking at other naked people and beating your shlong, when you can get the real thing from your partner?

I don't think I'm ugly. I don't think I'm a mean girl. I'm an honest person. Ask me anything I will tell you. I don't deprive my man of sex. I love having sex. I love teasing and playing and am open to new ideas. I just don't want my man looking at other naked girls. Is that too much to ask for? Porn: When It Helps & When It Hurts

I fell in love with him within the first month we met. He's kind and sensitive. We are a great couple except for this one problem. I know what you're thinking...you're thinking if I'm not happy I should move on. But there's more to it. I have two beautiful boys, who absolutely adore him, and he adores them back. They aren't his kids, but he has taken them in as if they were. I was married before him, and my oldest son hated my ex. I heard that if your kids like your partner then he's a keeper. I can't let a good thing slip thru my fingers.

He saw a therapist who told him to get meds for his ADD problem, but he never went. I mean, how many times do I need to remind him to get the damn meds? Why do I feel I have to constantly check his emails, and the history in the computer? Why do I have to act like his mother? He is a grown man, but mentally he's like a child. Male Sexuality Explained

Is there anyone else out there who has a problem like this? I can't possibly be the only girl who is going thru this, am I? I love everything else about him, EVERYTHING ELSE! (tear) Why do I have to give up the things I love when I'm not doing anything wrong? Am I doing something wrong?  

So, it comes down to this...do I get rid of my computer? Or do I get rid of my man? I'm so frustrated, I'm so confused. I'm so sick of all of the lying that's going along with the porn. I'm so sick of the answer I don't know, I don't know, I don't know...damn it! Just tell me so I can help you! I want to help, I just don't know what to do or how? (Now I'm full on crying.) Come on guys, what's going on in his head? I need to hear it. I need to know, cuz he won't tell me.