Why Men Love The Fact That Women Work

two men with one woman working in front of computer monitor

Women at work benefits both genders. Here's why.

To celebrate that women now make up half of the workforce (woot woot!) Maria Shriver and the Center for American Progress have released The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Changes Everything. The publication explains what most of us already know—mainly that Americans love the money that working women make, but they're bummed that women aren't doing as much housework as in ye good old days. Lemondrop: Woman of the Future Is Shorter, Fatter

Amusingly, the report touts the fact that men do not feel they've lost the "battle of the sexes." That's no surprise to us.

Maybe back in the day, men genuinely feared that women might start being scary if we started getting jobs, but now that it's happened, men have clearly warmed to the multitude of benefits of women working. For example...

1) Men like money. When you get to split the bills 50/50 with your wife or ladyfriend, that means more money for beer, Xbox games, and porn. Lemondrop: 16 Of Your Trickiest Love And Sex Questions Answered

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Written by Amanda Marcotte for Lemondrop.