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Flirting signals he won't get, when "no" means "yes" and celebrity pickup lines

It's Friday and everybody's working for the weekend. Since you're trying to punch through the last work of the week, I decided to grab the best of the web's love and relationships content for ya. Here goes:

Over at Lemondrop, the ladies discuss sex with nerds. Specifically, they break down 7 types of nerds, why to sex them and how to bag them. I'm not 100% sure they used the term "nerd" accurately unless it just means someone who is really into something. Read: Why Geeks Are The New Chic

The Frisky wants you to get some tail, they really do. And they don't want you to have to really "put yourself out there," but they need you to know that certain signals will absolutely not work with men. I suggest the "bend and snap."

My homey Simone Grant gives 7 really good signals to let dude know that you are looking to make some night moves. One of them comes straight from her blog's namesake Sex, Lies And Videotape.

And resident dude of Marie Claire, Rich Santos, breaks down the cases when "no" means "yes." Thankfully, he doesn't get into when "maybe" means "no" or when "yes" means "possibly" because this is confusing enough as is.

If you're confused by "yes, no, maybe so," maybe Betty Confidential's list of celebrity pickup lines is more your speed. I'm willing to bet that Jack Nicholson has said some much better stuff, I know Zach Galifianakis has. Read: McCartney Pickup Lines Are Pretty Bland

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