Life As An Asexual

man and woman on balance scale

Not wanting sex has its perks.

"Hello?" I'll ask warily.

I'll hear sniffles, sobs and a lot of blubbering. This is not a good sign. Then, "It's me."

It may not be the same friend calling, but the stories never seem to vary. "We broke up. I don't know how it happened. It was just so fast. Another argument. I don't know."

They always call me, and always with a remarkably similar set of relationship woes. One friend once told me that if all else failed, I should become a relationship counselor. I was an excellent listener, she explained, and I possessed an objectivity which the vast majority of people out there lacked. Lemondrop: 16 of Your Trickiest Sex and Love Questions Answered

Why? Because I identify as asexual, meaning I'm not interested in sex or being in a relationship. At all. Lemondrop: I Moved for a Guy—and I'm Not a Bad Feminist Because of It

By definition, an asexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction in any form. In his famous report on sexuality, Alfred Kinsey estimated that a little more than 1 percent of the population could be classified "asexual," and more recent studies put the number in that neighborhood but suggest there are more who can't, won't or don't identify as such. Lemondrop: Can Women Really Enjoy *That* Kind of Sex

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Written by Katherine Chen for Lemondrop.