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What's The Worst Name You Could Call Your Spouse?

wife threatens divorce over nickname

What's the worst thing you could call your spouse? According to one wife, "Guantanamo" is grounds for divorceDivorce Mediation: Is It Right for You?

The 30-year-old Saudi woman learned that her husband of 17 years had nicknamed her after the detention center (which is known for its abuse and torture) when she was scanning his cell phone contacts, says ABC News.

While this may seem unusual, Middle Eastern news site Al Arabiya says it is common for Saudi men to give their wives cell phone aliases. Among them were "criminal" ("because he says she stresses him out and calls him all the time to ask where he is") and "salary" ("because 'she has no mercy when it comes to spending.'")

The men defended the offensive nicknames by explaining that it ensures the wives' security. (Hmmm…I guess "Sunshine" and "Rainbow" were taken.)

"Guantanamo" is currently considering divorce, but says she could be swayed to save the couple's almost-two-decade marriage with financial compensation.

We learned earlier this year that nicknames can actually help a relationship—when used as a term of endearment. Unfortunately for this woman involved (not to mention the country of Cuba), we fear it'll be many moons before the name Guantanamo is used fondly. Nicknames Make Relationships Strong

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