One messed up life


My relationship really couldn't be any more complicated. We have been fighting for a year....after I came home one lunch hour and found out his big secret.  He is a cross dresser.  He wants acceptance, which is fine.  However, he likes to dress up when no ones around and sometimes likes to pleasure himself during it and it's REALLY affecting our sex life.  More often then not, he's not "up for the challenge" of sex with me.....and that's IF he's even in the mood, which doesn't happen to often.
Moving on, he proposed to me last February and now he has decided (after planning almost all of our wedding) that he's not sure he EVER wants to marry me. He thinks we should just stay together forever without the complication of marriage.
A little while after telling me that I was laid off from my job, found out my dad may have cancer, and also found out my sister's husband is cheating on her and gave her an I was having a bad week.....well we got into a fight, a pretty bad one and he told me (and my 2 children) to get out. The fight was in regards to the fact that he already goes out once or twice a week with his friends, but he'd now like to also go out every Sunday as well.....which is the ONLY day we ever have together (without work, sporting events and other things.)  Which I had a problem with.......
We didn't talk for a couple weeks (although I was still living in the house as I had no where to go until I found my own place) and one day we started talking. We got back together but now I'm not sure about anything. Nothing feels the same and I'm not even sure I love him anymore. Plus I'm so angry with him all of the time. I've been through a lot with him and suddenly feel as though he has gotten his way WITH EVERYTHING. I'm starting to feel like a huge sucker.