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My So Called Dating Life

My So Called Dating Life

Ok, so I started "seeing" this guy in the end of August. We work together in an automotive factory. He is maintenance, and I am a press operator. Anyway, a friend of mine said he was "interested" in me and basically set us up.
Since the end of August we have been out 6 times. He talks to me at work, but he is always busy, since he is in maintenance I understand about him being busy at work. We work 2nd shift so sometimes we go to a movie after work, sometimes he comes over to watch a movie, but nothing else. It has been 4 weeks and we haven't done anything on the weekend. He says he is always busy...seems to me if he was interested he would make time.
So, I figure I will cut my losses and move on, but I still want to be with him. We have both been seriously hurt in the past, he wants to take things slow. I can understand that, but I am afraid of it moving so slow that what we have will eventually stall, and there won't be anything left.
 I am ready to move on, I don't want to let my past ruin any chance I may have at a great future..


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