Where The Boys Aren't. A Secret Lesbian Town?

lesbian town

Holy cripes. The ancient isle of Lesbos (or Themyscira, if you're a Wonder Woman fan) may have gotten a re-lo to Scandinavia. Per Asylum, rumor has it that a secret society of Sapphic Swedes may have taken root in Chako Paul City. The Swedish government denies the existence of this gayelle Xanadu but that hasn't stopped news sources and men from believing the tales of the Amazonian Shangri-L-Word. Check the Asylum link for more crazy details about Chako Paul (which translates to "Without Purse"). Read: Study: Bisexual Women Are Not Lesbians

While it would be nigh impossible to hide a village of 25,000 women (unless they had the cloaking powers of the aforementioned Themyscira), it doesn't seem so implausible that a society like this could exist. Most large US cities have so-called gay neighborhoods and it's said that 100,000 homosexuals live in San Francisco, largely in the Castro District.

But would living in an Eve-only Eden really be that great? Isn't being part of any group (minority or majority) nice because you have an "us against the world" mentality? I'm pretty sure that Green Day sang about this in one of their lesser-known hits, "Minority." Plus, they'd need to consider importing studs (like in Spike Lee's She Hate Me) or going to making trips to Intercourse, PA to keep their population a-poppin'. Or just adopt adorable third-world babies.

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