Single moms - Staring over

Single moms - Staring over

A ferrytale love, that everyone looked up to. A love that I once had dreamed for and thought could not really exist. This was my life 12 years ago.

I had it all, everything I could of ever asked for. A man I loved, admired and respected. Handsome, funny and successful. We had everything in common and wanted the same things in life. Together we conquered problems, worked, traveled and enjoyed each other.

We build our dream home and started a family. There were times when I had to pinch myself and thank God for all he had given me.

Sometime during our 7th yr. of this beautiful adventure, while everything seemed perfect, he began to pull away. He began to play video games and started acting like a kid. For the next 6 months I felt it was stress or maybe a face he was going through.

One night, a week before Christmas, as we were getting ready for bed, he turned over to me and casually said he wanted to sell our home and get a divorce.

I layed there in shock and denial. I thought it was a joke and never asked why, he said he didn't feel the same and we were too different.

3 yrs. later I am the one raising our boy while he lives a perfect life with a 29 yr. old. Free of care and worries.

I often miss the company of my best friend, and can't stay mad at him. I have secluded myself and refuse to date or even concider it.
I'm terrified to have someone get too close, of hurting my child and myself. I hate the dating scene and
I've given up on love and don't know who I am anymore.

I just turned 40 and feel like I need a new beginning and discover the real me. It just feels like a rollercoaster of emotions that I don't know where to even begin.