Linger: The Intimate Mint

Linger: The Vagina Mint

Vagina's have lips, sometimes they have teeth. They can burp, too, and every once in a while they need a mint.

A vagina mint! Say it aloud three times... it just kind of rolls off your tongue, doesn't it? But why would you ever want one?

For good morning kisses on your mouth down south, and other times when you're feeling less than fresh? For improving your man's clarity, focus and stamina? And, perhaps, just for giggles?

According to's research, 72 percent of women will admit they are somewhat self-conscious about either their scent or flavor. Ninety-five percent of women surveyed state they wish oral sex would last longer. The Etiquette of Oral Sex

Enter Linger, the internal feminine flavoring system that will make you smell and taste like a candy cane!

That's good news, as peppermint is often the go-to gum flavor for those wanting to make sure their lips are kissable and their minds sharp and focused for tests. Just imagine what it can do for your lady parts!

Designed for slow release (it takes about 45 minutes to fully dissolve), this novelty product is designed "to extend the time your partner will want to spend tasting the new you!" On a side note, it also has been reported to evoke a pleasurable tingle for the applicant. Orgasm In A Bottle

While you would think that any red-blooded male would enjoy the au naturel scent and taste of a woman, sometimes both your lady parts and your man could use some encouragement and confidence down there.

Readers, would you consider using it?