Adam Lambert And Drake LaBry Fighting?

Less than a month after they were spotted playfully canoodling at a Pink concert, rumors have surfaced that Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry have hit a rough patch.

RadarOnline snoops were scoping out the beautiful people at Hollywood hotspot Teddy's on Friday, when their gaze fell on the glamtastic American Idol runner-up and his boyfriend Drake. Reportedly, the evening started well as the cozy couple fueled up on vodka Red Bulls and happily danced the night away. Dancing Can Improve Your Relationship

However, things apparently went downhill when Adam had "no boundaries" with a mystery man. According to the dance floor spies,

"Adam started chatting up another guy and Mr. Significant Other didn’t seem happy. In fact, he left the lounge for the smoking section and lit up a cigarette. Then, he started walking away from the Roosevelt Hotel (where Teddy’s is located). Next thing you know, Adam was running after him, telling him to wait and they disappeared into the night."

As Simon Cowell might say, we're not exactly jumping out of our chairs over this news. All couples have their little tiffs and jealous moments. For someone like Drake, who is not in the biz, that jealousy must be especially hard to suppress. It can't be easy dealing with the crushing Adamania wherever they go. And of course, sucking back vodka Red Bulls all night doesn't exactly promote clear, rational thinking, either.

The bottom line is that no one really knows what happened except for Adam and Drake, and we guess they're not talking! Maybe Drake got mad because Adam threatened to grow that crazy pirate goatee again. Whatever the problem was, it seems like a minor spat that was probably over long before Drake's hangover.

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