Too many things to juggle!!

Self, Family

So I find myself at the end of Thanksgiving weekend, with almost 30% of the things I was SUPPOSED to get done still waiting to get done. Let's see....

1. Plan my vacation which starts Wednesday at 6:01 AM for a flight to California.
2. Buy a weeks worth of groceries for my kids and their nanny
3. Email my daughters' school project to her teacher and apologize for it being late
4. Write my speach for an upcoming conference at the end of the month
5. Answer the 100 emails in my inbox
6. Decide who's driving the kids to gymnastics while I'm away
7. Do company payroll
8. Clean out my clost
9. Reorganize my make-up drawer
10. Plan my Fall garage sale
11. Paint the office
12. Coordinate my outfits for each day of the week and pack the exact amount of clothing so I don't pack my ENTIRE selection of evening and casual wear in 2 loaded suitcases.
13. Pick out my shoes...stare at each pair and make a very difficult decision
14. Put the kids to bed ON time
15. Coordinate all their outfits and meals for every day I'm away
16. Pay the bills
17. Help my partner write his website content
18. Help myself write MY website content
19. Remember to buy a cake for staff birthday
20. Clean out my fridge....

So if any of you can relate to this mountain of things to do list..I just named the top 20....50 more, and all of which I WILL get done BEFORE I leave.

Uhhhh! I feel I have to get some of those things done!