6 Reasons To AVOID A Relationship

6 Reasons To AVOID A Relationship

5. Friends. At the beginning of a relationship you will have to be paraded around before all the friends. Ostensibly this is just to introduce you to a part of his/her life, but in reality it is so they can show you off or see whether you pass inspection. For women this is great since if you weren't certain to impress, he would have hidden you away (8 signs he’s not into you) but for men this is a no win situation. If her friends approve and you get on well with them, your girlfriend will immediately become jealous and suspicious and do her best to ensure you never see them again; often going so far as to send them on an all expenses paid tour of all the planets and stars of our solar system. However, if they do not approve or you dislike them she will throw you together at every opportunity because 'it's important to her that you get on with her friends'.

6 Sex. Sex is always an issue in a relationship. It is the most debated about, theorized about, written about part of a relationship. The simple fact is that many factors influence a woman's desire for sex and almost nothing impacts a man's. Stuff-about.com's Institute of Social Sciences and Psychological Studies reviewed many studies done on this subject, carried out extensive research, and held exhaustive discussions on the subject. The conclusion Stuff-about.com has reached is that men and women are sexually incompatible and that men should continue to pay for sex and women should buy vibrators.

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