6 Reasons To AVOID A Relationship

6 Reasons To AVOID A Relationship
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There are literally millions of articles and self help books written every year on how to have a successful relationship, how to be a better girlfriend/boyfriend and ways to avoid common 'relationship mistakes'. Society discriminates against the good men and women out there trying to avoid relationships like the plague. Stuff-about.com sympathizes with their plight. Here are 6 reasons why the biggest 'relationship mistake' is to actually have one. (9 healthy things to do after a break up!)

1. Marriage! Women get into relationships with the aim of convincing a guy that marriage to her will be bliss. Men get into relationships with the idea of avoiding marriage, so women are really swimming against the tide with this one. Spending months, or even years pretending to be the perfect blend sex of goddess, domestic goddess and buddy is ridiculous and an unnecessary waste of time. If marriage is your aim, it is far more effective to get the man in question drunk in Vegas and be married by an Elvis impersonator. This approach has a high success rate as documented by many Hollywood movies. WARNING! Do not try this if you are Britney Spears!

2. Facebook. The minute people get into a relationship they announce it on Facebook, give each other pet names more suited to retarded three year olds and constantly update their statuses with brainless messages. Eg. 'John Smith misses his "flopsy wopsy pooh", hasn't seen her in 31.6 seconds and still has 4m 28.4s left 'til she comes out of the bathroom.' In women, this behaviour is merely pitiable, in men it is nauseating. This can lead to being deleted by up to 99.7 % of your FB friends, in fact everyone except your girl/boyfriend. In extreme cases, they may delete you as well. Facebook Manners And You

3. Compromise. Relationships are all about compromise. This is because men and women want different things. She wants to shop, eat out, shop, party, shop and, above all, be seen. He wants beer, sex and to be left alone on the couch to watch sport. Since their interests rarely coincide, neither can spend any time with the other while doing what they want to be doing so WHY BOTHER? 3 Things Men Don't Like (But Women Seem To Love)

4. Events. A woman will spend 136 hours getting ready for a big event or date, including planning and shopping time. She will have her hair done, her nails done, apply her make-up carefully and choose the perfect dress. He will notice nothing except the dress, and that with a sense of irritation as he tries to figure out how difficult it will be to take off. He will spend the evening wondering how much the evening is costing him and how long before he can go home and have sex. She will spend the evening waiting for him to compliment her hair, nails or dress and will be hurt when he doesn't. Consequently he will get no sex and neither will be happy.

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5. Friends. At the beginning of a relationship you will have to be paraded around before all the friends. Ostensibly this is just to introduce you to a part of his/her life, but in reality it is so they can show you off or see whether you pass inspection. For women this is great since if you weren't certain to impress, he would have hidden you away (8 signs he’s not into you) but for men this is a no win situation. If her friends approve and you get on well with them, your girlfriend will immediately become jealous and suspicious and do her best to ensure you never see them again; often going so far as to send them on an all expenses paid tour of all the planets and stars of our solar system. However, if they do not approve or you dislike them she will throw you together at every opportunity because 'it's important to her that you get on with her friends'.

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6 Sex. Sex is always an issue in a relationship. It is the most debated about, theorized about, written about part of a relationship. The simple fact is that many factors influence a woman's desire for sex and almost nothing impacts a man's. Stuff-about.com's Institute of Social Sciences and Psychological Studies reviewed many studies done on this subject, carried out extensive research, and held exhaustive discussions on the subject. The conclusion Stuff-about.com has reached is that men and women are sexually incompatible and that men should continue to pay for sex and women should buy vibrators.

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