Kirstie Alley Tweets About Jamie Foxx Hookup

Kirstie Alley Jamie Foxx

In odd couple news, Bossip recently reported that Fat Actress star and former Jenny Craig spokeswoman, Kirstie Alley, and actor/musician Jamie Foxx might be an item. According to several of Kirstie's tweets, the two have been going at it hot and heavy.  

Back in May, Kirstie told People that she had a crush on the Oscar winner and hoped that he would give her a "booty call" some day. In response, Jamie told WENN, "I do like them thick…[and] she is thick." 

Nothing came of this mutual admiration until last week, when Kirstie, now back in weight loss mode, began tweeting that she was getting physical with Jamie. Among other things, Kirstie teased that her new workout regimen was, "…dance for two hours, swim for one…and…you know…with Mr. Foxx."

Sounds fun. But is this hookup on the up-and-up, or is Kirstie pulling some kind of publicity stunt? She hasn't been a hot media topic lately, so this might just be an attempt to generate some buzz. After all, she is launching her own weight loss system in November. 

Of course, the strongest indicator that this hookup is nothing more than Kirstie's foxxy fantasy comes straight from Jamie's mouth. Recently, while promoting his new film, Law Abiding Citizen on Access Hollywood, he told Shaun Robinson, "I hear that this woman is tweeting that I've been twitting. That’s what's crazy…It's not true, but I've always respected Kirstie Alley and I've always had a crush on her."

Even though it seems that Kirstie and Jamie are not sexercise partners now, he likes her and she likes him, so it could still happen—as long as Kirstie doesn't lose too much weight. Remember, Jamie likes 'em thick!

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