Padma Lakshmi Is Pregnant, But Who's The Dad?


Publicist says it's a miracle, but avoids the topic of baby daddy.

Top Chef's host Padma Lakshmi has revealed that she's got a bun in the oven, but remains mum on the identity of the baby daddy. 

According to her publicist who released the news to Us Weekly, the pregnancy is nothing short of a miracle. The 39-year-old TV host suffered for years from endometriosis—a condition in which one's uterus lining grows in other areas of the body, which can lead to infertility. 

"As a result of her condition, this pregnancy has been referred to by her physician as nothing short of a medical miracle, and due to its delicate nature, we ask/implore the press to respect Ms. Lakshmi’s privacy at this time," the rep continued.

Missing from all this miracle-baby talk is any mention of a baby daddy. Rumors have circulated that it's Manu Nathan, a 27-year-old talent agent, but the publicist shot that down, stating he's her cousin. Oops.

Padma was previously married to author Salman Rushdie for three years until 2007. She has also been linked to the CEO of IMG talent agency, Ted Forstmann. 

The last time there was a miracle pregnancy and a mysteriously absent baby daddy—well, we all know how that turned out. Just throwing that out there. Food for thought, you know?