Try Misbehaving

Love, Family

Lila here~ The October edition of Psychology Today featured an article on misbehaving. In it, the author states that misbehaving, or acting in ways we’d normally deem improper, can be good for our souls. It can boost our mood, leave us with a sense of liberation, get our creative juices flowing, and make for great memories. Sign me up! I would add that misbehaving can also be a wonderful antidote to a stale relationship. I’m not suggesting you do anything to harm another person or create negative consequences. I’m only suggesting that nice guys (and gals) finish last for a reason. Variety is the spice of life, and a healthy sprinkling of variety makes everyone feel better.
I see so many people sitting in the bleachers of life with the shoulda, coulda, wouldas, when they could be out on the field playing the game instead. When was the last time you did something that scared you? When was the last time you had breakfast food for dinner? And I’m not talking about that bowl of cereal you had that time you came home from work too late to cook a real meal.
Children are great models for misbehaving in innocent ways. Although, when that innate sense of creativity and adventure is squelched for too long, when it finally finds an outlet it could be a little less innocent. I remember the first time my daughter asked me for macaroni and cheese for breakfast. She was about four years old, and I told her, o silly, mac n’ cheese isn’t for breakfast. She came back with a gem. She said, silly mom, my belly can tell time! She’s right, and I acquiesced. Every once in awhile she still gets mac n’ cheese for breakfast.
Here are some ways you can misbehave with your partner and have lots of fun.
1. Have sex anywhere but the bedroom. Yes, even if you have children. Just put them to bed first.
2. For date night, start at a decadent desserts-only restaurant. If you’re still hungry, you can enjoy an entre somewhere else.
3. Go to and find a naughty story you like. Then when your partner’s home, say “hey, check this out” and start reading it out loud.
4. Send your partner a hot text message or voice mail, describing something you want to do to them.
5. Take a morning or afternoon off together. While the kids are at school, you can play hookey.
Misbehaving once in awhile is great fun. It lightens everyone’s moods and helps you to reconnect to what you love about each other. Let it be spontaneous; that’s part of what makes it misbehaving. As Mae West once said, “The best way to behave is to misbehave.”