How To Help Her Orgasm


Pinkee here~ I recently found an article in Glamour magazine that I thought might be interesting to some of you guys. The article is called “Yes (Oh, yes ) Real Women tell their Orgasm Secrets. In it, the truth about women’s orgasms is revealed: that women vary quite a bit in their ability to have an orgasm, how fast or slow they have an orgasm, and what kind of orgasms they have. But the big myth of the Cinderella sex is blown. (You know, the fairytale kind of sex where the first time you and your partner are together, you totally know each other’s bodies, there’s some kissing, some foreplay, and then after a little intercourse the two of you have amazing, simultaneous orgasms.) Ok, maybe it is that way for some people, and if that’s you, no need to read on. If not, here are a few ways that Glamour- reading women revealed do it for them

Ayana says that one time in the middle of sex she reached down and shyly started stimulating her own clitoris. Apparently her partner thought it was hot, and she ended up having a “body-rocking “ orgasm. Sound good to you? Then you could suggest this to your partner, and she may get the same result.

A woman named Beverly tells of how she “got over being a size queen.” A size queen is a woman who wants a man with a large penis. Well, it just so happens that Beverly fell in love with a man who had a 4.5 inch penis, “on a good night”. Sound familiar? Well, read on This guy went down on her and she had her first ever orgasm from oral sex. After that, they had sex with penetration, and she reports it was “incredible”. So, an orgasm for a woman doesn’t always have to be during intercourse in order for her to have a great time.

Sophie says she tilts her hips upward during sex so that her clitoris gets more contact during intercourse. (I am assuming she is on the bottom here.) Another variation on this is to put a pillow under your partner’s hips and head during missionary-position sex. Then try to keep your bodies close together while you move during sex. This makes for good clitoral stimulation and contact.

Here are some other tips for female orgasm that the magazine offered: According to Dr. Hutcherson, studies show that panting can increase arousal, which increases the chances of orgasm. So, encourage your woman to start panting like a dog (ok, a porn star?) and see what happens

Before sex, have her use a heating pad on her pelvic area “until things start to feel toasty”. Or, have her take a hot bath, or take one together. The heat stimulates blood flow which increases sensitivity.

Whether the woman is on her back, side or torso, if she straightens her legs, this forces her partner to stroke her clitoris as he moves inside. Once you are in position, having the woman move- “try anything from rocking to making figure eights”- can feel quite good to her, says Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, MD.

As you may have noticed, most of these orgasms tips have to do with clitoral stimulation. That is because, for the great majority of women, clitoral stimulation, or some combination of clitoral and G-spot stimulation are what gets them to orgasm. So, if you are simply thrusting in and out of her, without any attention being given to her clitoris, chances are she will not orgasm this way. If this has been your experience, or, if you simply want to try some new, fun, stuff, why not try some of these tips tonight?