Tired Of It All

tired of it all

I really just want to give up on this whole dating thing/finding someone. It feels like every time I find someone that I'm interested in, or interested in having a relationship with, the joke is on me because I'm good enough to be a friend, just not girlfriend material. Or better yet, just a fuck buddy, as of late.

Thing is, I don't want that. I just want someone who will tolerate me on various levels (the joys of being a dysthmic for ten years), someone who will make me safe, and happy (relates back to being dysthmic). Is it really too much to ask for someone who can do these three things? I'm starting to think this mental illness is setting me back, more than it's allowing me to move forward, refusing me to move forward with what I really want. Or perhaps its just me doing this to myself.

Maybe Hey Rosetta! said it best. "And through the pain we learn to love again"

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