How To Use A Toy With Your Man

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You finally worked up the nerve to buy a vibrator.

Now comes the big hurdle: introducing your fella to the new battery-operated man in your life. Yes that's right—just because you have the real thing at home doesn't mean the two of you can't shake up your sex life with a toy. We asked Claire Cavanah, co-founder of sex shop Babeland, for tips on working a vibrator into your twosome. "Adding a little stimulation during intercourse can bring each of you to new heights." Lemondrop: How To Buy Your First Toy

Popping the Question
Of course, you may have reservations about asking your guy if he's cool with you bringing a friend. Many girls I know worry that a man will freak or feel threatened by the suggestion. Here's how to do it with minimal awkwardness. Lemondrop: Can a Guy Be Too Small for Sex?

"Show enthusiasm and talk positively about the sex you're already having, then bring up the idea of adding a toy," Cavanah suggests. (Example: "Hey baby, last night in the shower was so hot. Let's try this next!")

Cavanah also recommends looking at vibrators online with your guy so that he feels included. It can also help demystify the process for him—and reassure him that there are lots of styles besides the "great big plastic penis"-looking ones that can make him feel inadequate. Lemondrop: How To Give The Ultimate B.J.

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