3 #1 Reasons to Love a Sports Nut

3 #1 Reasons to Love a Sports Nut

So, I've read a few blogs about the fall football season and I'd like to pick up on some good notes about the fun mix of baseball, football and the ever so rising mixed martial arts events.  Needless to say, if your man loves any mix of sports, you are in for a weekend dedicated to games.  So how do you love that person who just sits there, eats, drinks, shouts and cries all in one afternoon?  Chances are, if you are not a sports fan, you will find this overwhelming and dismiss this stuff as a big waste of time.  Coming from a family of major sport fannage, I'll let you in on a little secret.  You really don't have to be nuts about sports..all you need to do is love your Sports Nut.

Reason 1: They Are Easy to Please

If you are a person who likes to entertain, you can invite friends over for a small BBQ and cook up some of your best "beer food" you know exists.  I guarantee that no man, no matter how game crazy will pass up wings and a cold neck bottle.  You will be totally appreciated and you might even hear a few compliments while the ref pulled a flag.  Go ahead and give the guys space while you chat with the other girlfriends/wives and have a few drinks of your own.  Most importantly, don't forget that any holiday or birthday gift will be a breeze, because when it comes to their team, anything with that logo will light up their face, right?

Reason 2: You Always Know Where to Find Them

Okay, this is kinda silly, but for some this could be a life saver.  I have read other blogs about women's oppinion on sports and I found more than a few responses saying that on the couch is the way better than out getting into trouble (an allusion to cheating, I guess).  Even so, most men, even when they go out to watch sports will probably go to the same sports bar (or friend's house) repeatedly.  So, yeah.  I guess, you always know where to find him!

Reason 3: They Have a "Built In" Hobby

In my opinion, I feel that a possible prelude to people getting tempted to cheat is that they feel a lack of excitement in life.  My number one piece of advice to anyone comtemplating an affair would be to "find a hobby", preferably not making the affair the hobby.  So, if your man gets excited and spends his time away from you calling out to..eh..guys in silvery tight pants, what easier hobby could you compete with?
The best plus would be that he would later get into coaching sports and his sports hobby will double as spending time with his (and your) children.  Everybody say "awww".

What a way to love your man a.k.a Sports Nut.  Now stop standing in front of the TV.