Single And Getting Older? Why You Shouldn't Worry

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I haven't freaked out about my age in a while. And I'm not about to. Promise! But aging does seem to be a frequent topic with my friends. I talk eye cream with Sofia, babies with Betsy, and birthdays with my sister (she will be 32 next month). 5 Things Married Women Miss

Ironically, the older I get, the less scary aging seems. I'm finding encouragement everywhere. The current issue of More magazine lists 10 celebrities who had their first babies after 40. It was a very impressive list! And it makes me feel like I still have a lot of time.

And speaking of forever, New York magazine recently reported on a British couple that was married for 81 years! The husband died last week at age 101. The wife is still alive; she is also 101. What's super amazing about that is that when they were born in 1908, their life expectancies were 49 and 53, respectively! The story said the odds of two people staying married to each other and both living that long was .001 percent. Whoa! It got me thinking, though: if I actually live to be 101, I really don’t need to have someone driving me bonkers for seven straight decades. I can live a few more years single, thank you. 12 Simple Tips For Relationship Bliss

Can you imagine being married to someone for so long? You'd really have to work at it. But it would be nice to grow old with someone beside you. What's your longest relationship? 

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