Prude To Nude: Learning To Love My Womanly Parts

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One brave woman poses for a sculpture that shows there is beauty in all bits.

"Hi. I'm Jo?" I croak.
"Ah yes! You're here for the sculpting! Great!" He comes over to give my hand a friendly shake. 

"And this is my fiancé, David." I gesture.

"Ah, yeah, nice to meet you." He turns to David and gives him a smile. "So you're going to let her do this? You're crazy!" he laughs.

David and I exchange tight grins.

"No, no, just joking. Here, take a seat and fill out the waiver, and I'll be right with you."

"Would you like a cup of tea?" His sunny female assistant pipes in.

We decline, and I silently wonder if the English have yet to find an occasion where a cup of tea need not be offered.

Jamie gets back to bubblewrapping, and David and I sit on two white cushioned cubes on the floor.  On the wall behind us hang full body casts of naked torsos, both male and female. A ginger cat is meowing around the room, trying to wind it's away around David's legs. And over in the corner there appears to be a table made of actual goat legs. I struggle to focus on the waiver in my hand. My eyes immediately dart to a paragraph absolving McCartney of any responsibility should I experience an adverse physical reaction to the molding material. I gulp. Then I spy the line that says "sexual arousal may occur."

"So! Any questions?" McCartney returns to us.

I mention the allergic reaction, and he reminds me that it's the same stuff that dentists use, and says he has yet to have anyone have a problem. However, he has to put that in the waiver for legal reasons. The same thing goes for the sexual arousal part…

"This will likely be the most un-erotic experience of your life. As you'll soon see…" He gestures cryptically into the adjacent room, and I spy wires and a white tent constructed from a tarp. It looks like he is caring for an ailing ET. Top 5 Bedroom Mood-Killers

"…but because of the area I'll be working on, " he continues. "I have to put that sexual arousal line in there.  Really, the whole process only lasts about three minutes."

But um…I have to ask…does he ever get aroused? Not that I think the sight of my amazing vagina is going to drive him into a manic fit of ecstasy, but just out of curiosity…is it difficult, as a straight man, to stay professional?

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