I thought you had the tickets...

I thought you had the tickets...

The following is an excerpt from a 'group meeting' our subject chose to take part in. The general idea is that he was willing to take up residence with a few others of the 'reality exempt' persuasion; and as such was often required to come up with not only plausible but interesting and/or entertaining back stories for many of his traits, mannerisms, and general behavior...

Group 'Leader' enters, reads dry erase board on wall next to Default
"The Following statement is true. The preceding statement is false. Wow, that's a puzzler. Thank you, Default. I believe we'll start with you today since we ran out of time for you yesterday."
This is met by a distinct lack of expression from Default, followed by a nod and a,
"Ok then, since it's my turn." He smiles and adjusts his glasses, his filter through which he views this world
"All right then, what led you to be here, Default?"
It may help to know that Default had allowed himself to be institutionalized for a short time in order to learn more about himself and others. He used this time to gain a better understanding about his own thought process and belief system and hoped that if nothing else, it would make a good story. Only time would tell...
"Well, one day, that was harder for me than most others, I decided to take a walk in the woods. But not just any walk, but a good, substantial, noteworthy walk in the woods. One that people would question, you know, like camping, but not totally preparing for it."
"What do you mean?" Asks the leader "Noteworthy, not preparing?"
"Well, first off, I'm a big guy, I can survive a couple days without a lot of food. I just need water, I can carry about five gallons and camp out for three days. It's not exactly fun, but I can, if I need to. But mostly to gain perspective. I'm out there, in the woods, with nothing else than what I brought with me, for the next two days at least."
"But why?" Asks a group member
"Why go to the mall when you're not going to buy anything?" Answers Default "Why read a book when there's television? Why breathe? I wanted to, why does there have to be some big all powerful reason behind everything? Can't things just happen sometimes? Can't things happen just for the sake of random happenings? Sure, some things happen for a reason, but does everything? Sure that paint splatter could have missed your arm, but would it really affect your lunch? If that stain wasn't on your shoe, would you have gotten that raise?"
Nervously, the leader asks Default to continue with his tale of the woods...
"Ok, so there I was, with about two gallons of water and a case of pop. I already have a campsite set up, so I check it out, and make sure I have all I need for the next two days. After seeing all was well, I decided to walk around for a while, since I still had several hours of daylight, camp was set, sustenance was plentiful, I even had some music, and a couple of books with me. After a couple minutes, I decided to just walk around for a bit, maybe explore a couple places I hadn't been before.
"About ten minutes later, I was nearing a clearing I thought would either be the road, or at least close to it, then I could check where I was, and head back if needed. Then, I heard a commotion ahead...
"Coming out of the woods, onto an old dirt road I noticed a couple cars ahead. I walked closer, and saw one man standing with a phone to his ear, another crouching down by one laying half under one of the cars. Looking up and seeing me, one of the men shouted,
'Get Help Now!'
"So, here I am."
"But what about the man?" Asks the group leader
"Do what now?" Asks Default