Fun And Free: Gambling For Favors

gambling and dating

In this weak economy, try wagering with your date.

Great news, gang. Ben Bernanke says, "Even though from a technical perspective the recession is very likely over at this point, it's still going to feel like a very weak economy for some time." While that's a little like saying, "I'm going to be a good, honest husband from now on but you probably won't notice," I find a modicum of comfort in the bearded guy's words. But "feel like a very weak economy" means spending on "non-essentials" like dates is going to have to remain curtailed. Cheap Dates During The Recession

Not to worry, here's an idea of how to have fun with a partner without spending any loot: gambling. "Hey," you say, "isn't gambling for degenerates? And didn't it get us into this mess with sub-prime loans?" No and kinda, respectively, but you won't be gambling for money.

Your wagers will be for pride and favors. The outcomes of contested events are the easiest things to bet on but tête-à-tête competition is so much more active and compelling. Any board game can be used and it's almost more fun to stick with ones of complete chance like Yahtzee!, Sorry! or Chutes And Ladders! While games like Trivial Pursuit are fun, they may make you loath your know-it-all date (or vice versa). The 10 Sexiest Games For Lovers (And Others)

Frankly, anything can be gambled on; I find the outcomes of TV shows to be a good one, and not just competitive shows like DWTS or Jeopardy, but scripted shows too. Will Blair sleep with Chuck again this episode (not that I watch Gossip Girl)? Will Jack insult Liz Lemon's appearance? Will Kristen Wiig be in more that 50 percent of the non-musical scenes on SNL? The truth is anything can be wagered upon (hence gambling addiction). 12 Simple Tips For Relationship Bliss

The stakes are what make gambling a good date activity. The most obvious stake is something kinky (think strip poker or bedroom coupons). But chores of all kinds are pretty easy. The key is to make it something you really, really want or really, really don't want. Maybe when the economy doesn't feel "very weak," you can gamble for fancy dinners, new four-wheelers and kitchen remodeling, but in the meantime full-body massages and breakfast in bed are pretty good ways to keep things interesting.

Any good dating / marriage gambling stories out there?