The Links: Hermaphrodites & Super Sperm

super sperm

Separate bedrooms and bad behavior during football season too.

Again, I've scoured the best and worst of the interwebs love and relationship content for you. It's my pleasure and please enjoy.

Awesome as always, Em & Lo ( discuss 10 things that most people don't know about hermaphrodites. I'm half-ashamed / half-relieved about not knowing the Star Wars one. On a separate note, I got a spam today entitled "Prove your male gender to her."

A scene in the classic Mall Rats involves Jason Lee opining on why Lois Lane could never be Superman's woman, and it had to do with his super sperm. Asylum tells us that super sperm exist and the average ovum may be powerless against them. 

College Candy had a sorta "Me Tarzan-You Jane" post today about women who enjoy being the object of the chase. The photo seemed to have come from a torture porn film. 

Divine Caroline had a funny piece about the secret love lives of lesbians. I nearly peed my pants at the Mrs. Garrison reference… "Scissor ME!"

"Who's down with the G-O-D?" A discussion at The Frisky on onanism and taking things to the x-treme. Are nocturnal emissions sinful? Anyone?

Sophie Keller at the Huffington Post had nine reasons to sleep apart. It's a good list, though I don't know how many people can afford two master bedrooms, and of those couples how many would agree to item  six on Sophie's list. Read: Separate Bedrooms Coming Back Into Style

Holy Taco has a list of ways to get a girlfriend to like football. I think YourTango's Tom Miller did a much better job and used the word "retard" far less frequently. Read: How To Trick Yourself Into Liking Football

Over at Jezebel, Kate Harding sort of digs Meghan McCain. Nothing relationship-oriented about this one, I just think Meghan McCain is sort of fun. Read: Dating Tips For Meghan McCain

The resident dude at Marie Claire, Rich Santos, has a list of nine bad reasons to like someone. I admit proximity to a Chick-fil-a is probably a bad reason to marry someone, but date them?

Over at Lemondrop, we learn that some study says men lie twice as frequently as ladies. Oh jeepers, maybe they're lying to me about that survey.

Finally, my homey Lost Plum thinks that bedroom laughter shouldn't be consider "off-limits." Her rationale is sound, I only suggest that you don't do it right after the other person finishes undressing unless something really hilarious happens (or you think of a good joke that in no way could be related to the other person's nude, vulnerable body). 

Per usual, share the good links with me, all.