Chris Brown's Twitter: 'I'm Missing Someone'

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Chris Brown tweets he's "incomplete" without Rihanna. Thanks to, we have the scoop.

Chris Brown is still groveling.

Celebitchy has reported that on Tuesday Chris Brown used Twitter to get Rihanna's attention. Chris's interview on Larry King Live two weeks ago proved that he's still in love with her (he told Larry King that was "definitely" the case), and it sounds like the two may even be dodging the court's junction to stay apart by planning an October holiday together. Celebrity Love: Chris Brown And Rihanna Meeting In Mexico

Clearly Chris is not coping well with the court orders. Recently he deleted the Twitter post everyone's talking about, but thanks to social networking wonder, Celebitchy said the following about it:

“MY HEART IS INCOMPLETE… the part that is complete is my love for fans, career, friends, family, God. But I’m missing someone or something.”

Brown posted a link of a version of his new track Changed Man that features snaps of him and Rihanna together, kissing and laughing.

He later added: “Sorry all, just one of those days.”

Indeed Twitter appears to be Chris Brown's communication mode of choice to vent his anguish over the Rihanna saga. He tweeted to Reggie Bush on Monday, "When tough times arise keep your faith in god..." (The tweet is no longer posted on Reggie's page.) Chris said last week, "it saddens me that the people rt negative ish but still follow me" [sic]. But he's sending love to the fans who are supporting him through the domestic violence affair, and expressing his continued fondness of women. On Sunday: "I LOVE ALL WOMEN... BIG. FAT. SHORT. TALL. SKINNY. BLACK. WHITE. EVERY RACE. the most beautiful thing god has created on this earth. love u" [sic].

Rihanna doesn't appear to be responding to Chris's tweets, and that's probably a good thing. If these two want to patch things up in the love department, they'd be wise to stay low-profile awhile.

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