Hotel Offers Rebate For Getting Pregnant

sex on the beach

The Westin Aruba is offering discounts for getting pregnant at their resort.

Sweet news future mommies and daddies, Westin hotels are on your side. According to Fox News, the Westin Resort in Aruba (I believe it's Palm Beach) is offering couples a $350 rebate if they become impregnated during their stay. The offer is good until the middle of December 2009. To qualify you just need a doctor's note estimating that the conception took place during a trip to the resort. 

Browsing, it looks like the cheapest rooms can be had for $315 per night, but the hotel chain often refunds one night's stay if guests stick around for 4 or 5 days. All-inclusive packages start around $430 per night and include all the non-motorized water activities you can handle (that's what she said).

Obviously, travel is getting hammered (must be the all-inclusive booze) these days and gimmicks are a must. In the past handful of years the hospitality industry has introduced the mini-moon*, the baby moon** and the conception moon*** as complements and augmentations to the traditional honeymoon. And we civilians (as I'm sure travel agents call us) have countered with the money-saving portmanteau staycation. Read: New 'moons: Mini, Conception & Baby

While this is a great idea,  I hope that people aren't having babies for the wrong reasons, i.e. discounted vacations or pacts with their high school chums. But if you and your opposite number are planning on putting a baby inside one or the other, why not try it in Aruba?

I wonder if it only counts if you travelled with that person? Though I haven't read the fine print, a one-night stand baby should qualify. 

*You know how weddings are soooo stressful? The mini-moon is a short vacation before the wedding to unwind and refocus on the important things like the guest list.
**The baby moon is your last hurrah and huzzah before junior is born. It might be a good idea to take it easy on the jet skis and Mai Tais.
***The conception moon is your time to slip one past the goalie and one to that family. Also called the "procreation vacation," a name pioneered by the Westin St. Johns. Maybe Westin will start offering stud and surrogate services one of these days.