Jennifer Aniston Keeps Us Guessing With Gerard


Jennifer Aniston says Gerard Butler is "fantastic" and "magical." Finally clues to romance?

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The summer has pretty much come and gone, and so has the film, The Bounty, starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler from theaters. However, the hot rumors of whether or not they had a real romance are still lingering.

Earlier this summer, the two were photographed arm in arm on set and were supposedly spotted kissing, but isn't buying into it.

"I couldn’t see Butler really settling down at all. He seems like the type who is happy with brief hook ups and who might have a fling with a co-star as long as he keeps it casual."

According to the celeb site, Butler denied any romance with Aniston and only complimented her by calling her a "classy lady."

It is possible that Aniston had something going on with Butler in the past, says After all, she did call him "magical," and "fantastic," and instead of denying a romance, she got kind of touchy about the subject.

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