10 Things Not To Say To An Overweight Man

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Love handles, hungry butt, and ten other things not to say to your more-to-love man.

In all your concern about cellulite and bikini body, you may have lost sight of the fact that guys are also self-conscious about being overweight. Seriously—nearly 45 percent of men claim to be dissatisfied with their bodies for one reason or another. And considering there's an obesity epidemic going on, there's good reason for that. Lemondrop: Does Being Funny Make a Guy Hot?

So, while you may think that guys can take a little extra teasing about love handles, bingo wings and hungry butt, don't be so quick to call him out on those extra pounds. Specifically, avoiding the following oversize offensives will help you keep from leaving a bad taste in his mouth. Lemondrop: 5 Mistakes All Women Make

10. "Maybe you should hit the gym."
Even if you're harboring the best intentions, you're gonna sound like a gym teacher barking orders during the shuttle run. Instead, go to the gym yourself, and welcome his company. Lemondrop: Do You Eat Healthier Around Men?

9. "I like a little meat on the bones."
We appreciate your tolerance, but that's like us saying, "We like the way you fart when you laugh too hard."

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Written by Matt Christensen for Lemondrop