Pussycat Nicole Ditched By Boyfriend

Nicole Scherzinger Dumped

She thought he was "the one," but rumors say he couldn't get away fast enough.

Amidst all the brouhaha over Kanye's bad behavior last night at MTV's VMAs, The Washington Post's Celebritology blog dropped a rumor from across the pond: Nicole Scherzinger single again? Kanye's VMA Rage: Does Amber Rose Bring Out Worst?

That's right, word on the street is that The Pussycat Dolls star is broken hearted over a recent split from her twenty-four-year-old British Formula 1 boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, and has subsequently pulled out of her commitment to host the upcoming F1 Rocks pop concert in Singapore. The couple had been dating since 2007, and in recent months had sparked speculation that an engagement was on the way with their over-the-top public displays of affection. Who Are Lewis Hamilton & Nicole Scherzinger?

Love and marriage was what the thirty-one-year-old wanted, and wasn't afraid to share it to the world, previously saying: "Would I get married? For sure and, yeah, the Dolls can be the bridesmaids. But I have to get engaged first. Late July is looking good. Marriage is a seal of love."

Yes, marriage very well might be a seal of love. But if you start talking about it too early, loudly and publicly, it could very well be a kiss of death. Case in point: All this love talk apparently gave the much younger Hamilton the coldest of feet.

According to Britain's Sunday Mirror, Hamilton told Scherzinger about 10 days ago that their relationship of nearly two years was over and the chance of a reconciliation was not even open for discussion. A source close to the couple told the paper:

Lewis was adamant the relationship had come to an end. He was feeling under pressure to take their union to the next level and he wasn't wanting to become engaged, get married or think about having children. He's young, they spend an awful lot of time apart and he's just not ready to leave his youth behind for a lifetime with Nicole. He found the tribulations of having a long-distance relationship very challenging indeed. Nicole's mortifiedshe imagined being with Lewis for a long time and she's shocked that things have ended so suddenly.

Time for the Dolls to rally around their heartbroken comrade. Dumped? 10 Healthy Ways To Heal

Photo courtesy Bauer-Griffin. Scoop: Washington Post's Celebritology