John Travolta, Kelly Preston Moving On Together

John Travolta Kelly Preston

The Preston-Travoltas step out for first time since Jett's death, not torn by grief as speculated.

Jett Travolta's January death was a jolt to America, but no one was more affected than the family that John Travolta and Kelly Preston have worked so hard to keep grounded.

John and Kelly have been the poster couple for down-to-earth Hollywood families, but recently reports have surfaced that their marriage is fizzling due to their grief over Jett. Since his death Kelly has flown around North America with their daughter Ella Bleu filming movies, and John has been holed up as a recluse in their numerous homes around the country. He seemed to avoid the public and was too bereft even to speak with friends. Celebrity Love - John Travolta & Kelly Preston Torn Apart By Grief

However People reports that on Friday in Anaheim, California John, Kelly and Ella Bleu (who is the gorgeous nine-year-old version of her mom) made an appearance together to promote Disney's Old Dogs, in which all three appear (and which filmed approximately six months before Jett's death). In photos of Friday's event, John's smile appears admittedly forced, but he clearly sports a wedding band and both he and Kelly pose closely and bonded with Ella.

When they walked on stage to introduce the film together, John held Ella's hand. He told the crowd, "I always appreciate the audience's love for me...I hope they love Old Dogs and much as we do, because I've got my baby in it." This is Ella's big screen debut.

However questions about the state of John and Kelly's marriage may not be behind us. It doesn't look like he and Kelly are touching each other in any of the promo photos of Friday's event, and when tragedy strikes a family, is it really wise for the mom to press on when it means the spouses are separate? YourTango -Career And Family: Can We Really Have Both?

We'll watch this saga closely—stay tuned with YourTango's Celebrity Love.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.