Neil Patrick Harris Not Gonna Have A Kid Yet

neil patrick harris, how i met your mother

NPH and David Burtka are holding out on children just a bit longer.

There have been a few rumors being batted around that say Neil Patrick Harris is expecting a child. Seeing as he and his partner, the super cool David Burtka, are both men and thus incapable of becoming pregnant, we were mildly skeptical of the story. Jokes aside, obviously NPH and David Burtka could very easily have secured a surrogate (possibly David Crosby?) but the star of How I Met Your Mother has told New York Magazine that they are waiting a bit before they become parents though he says that he and David "would make very good parents."

The article entitled "How Neil Patrick Harris Became Hollywood's First (Openly) Gay Breakthrough Star," (that guy who played Jack on Will & Grace is harrumphing somewhere) discusses, in detail, the actor's child stardom, his lull, his career resurgence and his exit from "the glass closet." In addition, it highlights his chemistry with female scene mates and favorably contrasts his ability to "act straight" with other openly gay actors.

NPH speaks in glowing terms of his relationship with David Burtka. He says, "We yin and yang very well," something which everyone should aspire to. It also discusses how he and David met. Essentially, David was in a long-term relationship and it was a bit rocky. NPH bided his time and when the other thing didn't work out, he swooped in. And the "it" that kept NPH interested (from afar), is still kicking hard five years later. Also, like many gay men, NPH talks a big game about how awesome breasts are. Also, he's really into magic and not a dork. So, that's it, he's just your regular, average happily taken gay man playing uber-straight, alpha male characters who happens to be hosting this year's Emmys and dabbles in the dark arts but is NOT expecting a child anytime soon. De-wait for it-lightful.

Photos via Bauer-Griffin