On-Set Love Lessons: Stephen Moyer And Anna Paquin


The True Blood stars know how to get it on with a co-worker and when to talk about it.

There are good ways to conduct affairs with your co-workers and there are bad ways. In the bad category, we have hook-ups on the holiday party bathroom floor between what's-her-name from accounting and what's-his-name from the mailroom. In the good category, we have couples like Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin.

A couple both on and off the True Blood set, Moyer and Paquin were careful to keep their romance on the DL for months before letting their fellow castmates know about it. In a recent interview with People, Moyer explains that initially: "We were very, very cagey."

In addition to being discreet, they were also careful to weigh their feelings for each other against the potential complications that might arise on the set as a result of their romance. As Moyer says: "We were very concerned about how it would play out given that anybody who signed up to do one of these series signs on for seven years. So you don't take a decision like that lightly."

In the end, however, he says that their love was more or less unavoidable. "If there is an inevitability to something and there is absolutely no way that that thing can be halted, you have to go along with it. When we realized it wasn't just some fickle infatuation or chemistry or whatever, we were able to, months later, tell everyone we were working with."

And the response from their co-workers? "Everybody was shocked...so I think we did a good job of hiding it."

Either that, or every single person working on True Blood deserves an Emmy for outstanding acting...including that guy in the mailroom.

Photo courtesy of Bauer Griffin.