Love Bytes: Chocolate, Sex Or Your Best Friend?

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Lemondrop asks us some tough questions. Plus, hermaphrodites, 9/11 and "Sex and The City."

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links.

How soon is too soon to remarry after tragedy? Rumor has it Lisa Beamer, wife of 9/11 hero Todd Beamer, has remarried. [The Post Chronicle]

Why are unavailable men so attractive? [College Candy]

I like to consider myself an intelligent, rational person. But what I will never get is why a person becomes 10 billion more times appealing to me when they don't want me. The day after our date, I was actually dreading the dude calling me…I didn't want to spend a second evening with the most egotistical person since Tucker Max (who he, by the way, actually quoted. Good role model!).

I met my lesbian lover at bible camp. Then had a sex change. Juicy! [DoubleX]

Brides-to-be in this African country are force-fed in order to beef up before the big day. [Marie Claire]

And, it's football season again. Here's something for the ladies: Tom Brady on Fatherhood, Football and Marriage. []

Caster Semenya, hermaphrodite South African runner, in hiding. [TresSugar]

Which Sex and The City character would be the worst girlfriend? [Asylum]

Danish woman posts video to find baby-daddy of child conceived during one-night stand. [BuzzFeed]

5 most ridiculous self-help sex books. [HuffPo]

And, last but not least, if you had to give up sex, chocolate or your best friend for an unlimited clothing budget, which would it be? [Lemondrop]