Candace Bushnell's Big Date To The Ball

candace bushnell

The Sex And The City creator once had a very interesting date to a gala.

I met Candace Bushnell a few years ago in Las Vegas. She was headlining the annual Passion Parties convention and I was running around the desert, looking for Strippers and cocaine.*  The Passion Parties crowd is a rowdy bunch and might be some of the most avid and knowledgeable fans of Sex And The City. Read: The Cons Of Living Vi-Carrie-Ously

For the record, Candace Bushnell considers herself more of a Samantha ("I'm Samantha… I have sex with everybody"**) and she told a really great story about being outshone by some bling. It goes something like this:

Candace Bushnell is invited to some kind of a gala event. She's an elegant lady and she lives in New York City. It turns out that she is between guys and decided she could maybe meet someone cool at the event. (She is such a Samantha.) As luck would have it, she bumped into an acquaintance who worked for a high-end jewelry designer and offered her a necklace to wear to the event. We'll say it was Bulgari and that you could finance a Yale education with it. Candace Bushnell tried on the necklace, had a flawless gown and was ready to rock.

Bulgari said they'd send the baubles to her home before the event. At the appointed time, a burly fellow arrives with the shine, hands the box to Candace Bushnell and doesn't move. There's not really a protocol for tipping dangerous men delivering pricey jewelry, so she asks him if she needs to sign for anything. He says that the insurance company requires that he keep an eye on the jewels. In essence, her necklace had a date and she did not. Lookin' good, feelin' awkward.

I apologize if I missed some of the facts on that jam but the story bears repeating.

Anywhom, Candace Bushnell is launching a new serial called The Broadroom. It chronicles the lives of five high-profile business ladies. It's a slightly more grownup version of SATC and deals largely with the old "having it all" trick. Personal 90210 fave Jennie Garth headlines a stout cast. Click here to give it a look. 

YourTango's Sarah Harrison went to The Broadroom's launch event last night and had this to say.

*That's from The Hangover. I was trolling for cougars and counting cards.***
**That's from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I'm super original today.
***I was really moving subscriptions to our old magazine and hoping not to lose my kidneys to a fast-talking man named after a city or a woman with a dagger tattoo.

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