Candace Bushnell's New Online Show 'The Broadroom'

the broadroom

The Broadroom is a new web series from Sex and The City creator, Candace Bushnell.

Are you a fan of Sex and The City? Do you have a career? Then you may like The Broadroom, the new web series from Candace Bushnell—she of SATC, Lipstick Jungle and other fun depictions of modern woman. The show stars Jennie Garth and Jennifer Esposito, and takes a humorous look at five women juggling career and personal life.

As we all know, relationships and work inevitably influence each other—in the first episode one woman describes herself as a cougar, another wonders if it was weird that her husband keeps sending her pictures of her cat and a third bemoans her perpetually single status. We're interested in seeing how the show tackles the work/love life balance. Career And Family: Can We Really Have Both?

Last night YourTango attended the The Broadroom premiere, where we met Candace, chatted with reps from show sponsors Maybelline and More magazine, and watched the first webisode. Check out the show at, and give some love to Maybelline, who are making the whole thing possible.

Below, a video of the lovely Candace Bushnell introducing the show and explaining its origins (forgive the amateur camera work!). Enjoy!