Hugh Hefner Requests Alimony Cap Of $20K A Month

Hugh Hefner divorce
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Hugh Hefner's divorce was a long time coming. Here's why he's not sharing more of his $43 million.

No, Hugh Hefner did not file for divorce because Kendra Wilkinson is out parading her pregna-licious curves.

Yahoo OMG! has revealed that Hef lived through an 11-year separation from wife and former Playmate Kimberly Conrad (he calls her Kimberly Hefner) out of concern for their two sons. Hugh, 83, told TMZ, "At the time of the separation, I was happy to get a divorce...I am happy to be out of the marriage. I only remained married (to Conrad) for the sake of the children, at her request. I am happy to have this behind me."

So what finally prompted the filing? Reportedly Conrad, 47, filed a $5 million lawsuit against Hugh in August. It had to do with the sale of a house they owned together that was listed at nearly $28 million (sounds like she didn't get any money from it). Hugh responded in August by saying, "I was surprised and saddened to learn of press reports that Kimberly Hefner, from whom I have been separated for over 10 years, has apparently filed suit claiming that I owe her $5 million." Since filing for divorce he assures he's been "generous to a fault," having given Conrad a reported $12 million since they were married.

Their wedding took place with a prenup on July 1, 1989 and Hugh and Conrad lived together until 1998. When they separated, Conrad moved next door to the famous Playboy mansion with their sons (the younger of which is 18). The divorce was filed on the basis of "irreconcilable differences," and Hef has requested that spousal support be capped at $20,000 per month in light of all he's already spent on her since their separation. Hef is also claiming that Conrad cheated on him while they were together. (Then what does he call what he's been doing?)

This was Hef's third marriage.

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