The Links: Turning A BFF Into A Boyfriend

bff to boyfriend

Is ex-sex OK? Rom-com restraining orders. And obeying your wife.

I'm big enough to admit that some people other than myself write things that are clever or insightful on the interwebs. I hate them for it but goldernit I respect them. And just so you can keep your day nice and compact, here are some of my favorites from the last handful of days:

My friends Em & Lo ( have compiled a list of the worst shows to watch when you're getting your swerve on. I suppose it goes without saying that the show Dirty Jobs should have made the list… that's what she said.

Asylum must be reading comedian Michael Ian Black's Twitter. A few weeks back half of Michael And Michael Have Issues tweeted something to the effect of 'How come we can put a man on the moon but can't invent a realistic "fellatio" machine?' Yikes is about all I can say. Read: The Etiquette of Oral Sex

The Frisky has the deets on a new product that makes a man's baby batter taste like apple pie. That sound you heard was every straight guy alive saying, "meh." Kidding, but marshmallow would have been a good first flavor. Though the Fleshlight probably doesn't mind either way. 

You know how really good-looking people can get away with all sorts of things? Up to and including things that less attractive people may be arrested for—like stalking? Our buds at Lemondrop compiled a list of 10 rom-com dudes who could have used a legal refresher on personal space. Read: 7 Lessons I Learned From Chick Flicks

Simone Grant ( doesn't mind a bit of recycled sex. Essentially, it's hooking up with a former paramour with whom things ended gently. Sounds like a pretty decent way to send mixed messages. Read: Is Having Sex With Your Ex OK?

The dudes at disagree. As part of their breaking up with someone you don't actually despise manifesto, the Brothas forbid going back for a second helping. Read: The Bad Girl's Breakup Rx

 Marie Claire's Maura Kelly discusses how to turn your BFF into your boyfriend. What? Women worry about this too? Apparently, it's much more complex than sticking your hand down his trousers. You could rent the movie Some Kind Of Wonderful...

Following in the wake of the LeAnn Rimes fiasco and some story about Miley Cyrus and a handsome Australian, Glamour wants to know if you really care if you cause a couple to break up. If you're a monster? No. I suppose I should say something about greener grass or only having one life to live.

My buddy Lost Plum has had it with sad sack lady dating bloggers. She wants the whole genre to turn that frown upside down and let a smile be your umbrella. Evidently, "whoa is me," is mad cliché and there probably are some pretty righteous dudes out there.

And, at the YourTango home office, we have a great excerpt from A.J. Jacobs' new book The Guinea Pig Diaries. For one month, he did everything his wife said. Since women were legally obligated to do as their husbands said for millennia, we can call it even. Dudes, we owe A.J. a beer. Read: For A Month, I Did Everything My Wife Said

As always, holler with some solid links.