Is Rob's Love For Kristen Ruining Twilight?

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is crushing so hard on Kristen, the studio fears it will affect the franchise.

Up on the Vancouver set of Eclipse, the Robert PattinsonKristen Stewart romance is getting so hot the filmmakers fear it will harm the blockbuster movie franchise. OK! reports that while filming Eclipse, the movie in which vampire-dishrag lovers Edward and Bella get engaged, Rob and Kristen have been spending nights together and referring to each other on-set as "my wife" and "my husband." (Off-set, we assume they have totally different pet names for each other.) Which is totally how normal twentysomethings act when they're not banging each other silly!

Studio execs, however, are not as blissful as the young lovers. They've reportedly told Rob and Kristen to keep their canoodling under the radar, as if that's even possible, seeing how they live in the middle of a pack of camera-phone-equipped obsessive freaks, until the November release of New Moon. Apparently, the powers that be at Summit think the aforementioned slavering freaks won’t buy the Jacob-Bella romance in New Moon if they've been bombarded with images of Rob and Kristen sucking face all fall. Rob And Kristen's Sex On Fire (Or, Kissing)

But Rob isn't having any of it. "Rob's whole world is Kristen," a source tells OK! "I'm surprised he even knows his lines because he's so absorbed with her. He has no time whatsoever for his guy friends and has cut virtually everyone off so he can spend every waking moment with Kristen. He's all about his woman." RPattz Worried Kristen Wants Taylor Lautner

It's probably not too difficult to spend every waking moment with her, since that's, you know, his job, but we're still pretty amused by the frenzied reports coming out of Vancouver that Rob is dive-bombing his career by losing his head over Kristen. We can't imagine a scenario in which millions of crying Hot Topic victims affixed with fake plastic fangs won't descend on the nation's multiplexes for New Moon, even if Rob suddenly starts, like, shagging his vampire mom. As for the relationship? Maybe Kristen is helping mellow him out. He seems a little high-strung.

Via Celebitchy. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.