What's With The 09.09.09 Wedding Madness?


September 9, 2009 is a fine day to get married if you believe in numerology.

For some soon-to-be-married people, the most important thing about choosing the wedding date is the weather. For others, it's the availability of loved ones. But for those who place a special value on numbers, it's something a bit more straightforward: the auspiciousness or memorability of the date itself. And for those particular couples, it doesn't get much better than today: September 9, 2009 (or 09.09.09).

In Las Vegas, a town where three of a kind is always a good thing, today is turning out to be one of the busiest wedding days of the year. Yesterday, over 400 marriage certificates were issued by mid-day in anticipation of 9.9.09, and the Clark County clerk's office made the decision to stay open until midnight to accomodate the eager couples. Typically, the office issues only 260 certificates per day.  7 Terrible Ways To Propose

As for the Las Vegas ceremonies themselves, they've also involved special acknowledgements of the day. At Madame Tussauds Wax Museum on the strip, nine couples were scheduled to get married at 9:09 AM this morning, while 99 more waited until exactly 9:09 AM for a shared ceremony at the Stratsophere Tower. Each paid $99 for the wedding package.

In Hollywood, a town well known for its fondness for astrology, nine lucky couples won the chance to tie the knot at a 99-cent store. For their 99 cents, brides received gowns made of T-shirts and table cloths and other items sold at the store. When it was time to exchange their vows with their fiances? They headed to aisle nine, of course. Worst Places To Get Married

And throughout Asia, hundreds of couples set aside today to say their vows. But it wasn't just because of a fondness for multiples of the same number. As it so happens, the word "nine" sounds very much like the word "forever" in Mandarin.

Forever, forever, forever. It sounds like a good reason to get married today. But if you ask a lot of grooms, they'll admit that the meaning of 9.9.09 was the last thing on their minds when they chose the date.

"The easiest day for my poor memory to remember was 9.9.09," Chad Lyons admitted to the Associated Press, in explaining why he chose today to marry his beloved, Jessica Skrutvold.

Let's hope, for his sake and hers, that he never forgets it.