Dang, How Annoying Is Your Husband?

mark joyella

Tiffanie Wong's husband, Mark Joyella, may be the most annoying man ever.

I believe I am the last person on Earth to see MyHusbandIsAnnoying.com. They even made it to The Today Show before I ventured over to the blog. You feel pretty behind the eight-ball if Kathy Lee knows about something before you do. Hoda seems pretty hip (at least the Michaela Watkins version of her on SNL). Read: Annoying Habits Can Ruin Relationships

At any rate, the annoying husband is one Mark Joyella. If you've ever lived in south Florida or NYC, you've likely seen Joyella on your local news as a reporter, but you wouldn't know what kind of monster he is off camera. Now, thanks to wife Tiffanie Wong, we know what this Maury-Povich-lookalike* is up to.

Joyella's crimes against humanity (and, in all likelihood, femininity) include: an irrational attachment to a ratty article of clothing, spot-off impersonations and the ability to run a catchphrase into the ground (AKA Letterman syndrome), among many, many other serious character flaws. Because she has a kind, warm heart, Tiffanie Wong generally caveats her critique with vague and general praise. Maybe she wants to save him from hurt feelings and maybe he wants those of us reading the blog to know that she's not settling…she's just a saint. Sort of like the wives of Yes, Dear, Everybody Loves Raymond, Home Improvement and pretty much every sitcom to ever feature a married couple. Read: How To Choose A Husband

Complaining about our spouses' (and dates') idiosyncrasies probably predates both marriage and dating. Generally, those ruminations are shared only with close friends. But times have changed. Maybe standup comedy ("Take my wife… please") changed attitudes about privacy; though a shtick and airing actual dirty laundry are two different animals. In one of her posts, Tiffanie Wong mentions that their apartment is relatively small and that she's used to living by herself. Since good fences make good neighbors, maybe a touch of space makes good spouses.

Mark Cuban once said (paraphrasing here) that previous generations had a right to privacy and the current generation has a right to publicity. I hope we're able to find a balance, because I'm pretty sure that everyone I've ever met does some really weird stuff in private. Not me, of course, but the rest of you. For the record, I'm totally with Tiffanie on jokes about passing gas. It's not my cup of chai, either, lady. For A Month, I Did Everything My Wife Said

*Note: I'm not saying he sort of looks like Maury because they're both on TV and married to attractive Asian women (even though they are). They have similar faces.

Feel free to chime in with any weird stuff your spouse (or main squeeze) does… especially if it involves their love of repulsive condiments.