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7 Traits - Could be 2 , could be 22


Was married for many years , then divorced. Have dated for the past 4 years and have discovered some things that all women want and a couple of details about what many men may be searching for.
The 7 Traits of irresistable men are partially true and can be unique to those individuals looking for a mate. Confidence, from my perspective is a trait that most women wish to find in a man. As some responses described, it is confidence not cockiness that they find desirable. I am confident in my abilities in all of lifes situations and I have found that women find that trait to be quite alluring. Dress is important but it goes with the event or occasion. There is a time for suits and ties but there is also a time for shorts , sneakers and sleeveless shirts. Supermarket flowers is so simple that I cannot believe that most men do not take advantage of it to put a smile on their love's face. Cologne , winks .... are all window dressing that cannot overcome a lack of concern , respect , or general disregard that many men show for women they are dating. Incredibly poor grammar can be a total turn-off for men and women . If corresponding with a potential date at least take the time to check spelling and write in a clear and direct manner without sounding like a business proposal. Truely what should have been at the top of this writing was HONESTY. Everyone has skeletons in their closet and for some, closetS. You do not need to spook your date with vivid details of issues you may have, but in a general conversation your views will come out indirectly and that can be more disconcerting then had they been somewhat openly stated. At some point in dating all must realize that you are not just getting into a relationship with the person in front of you, but also with their families. This can be a blossom for a good relationship but can also be a BOOM. If your family is very religious , heavy drinkers , very bigotted , very political , serious lawbreakers, or just average it is good to discuss before meeting them and taking a potential long term relationship to the next level. Lastly I would suggest to all to choose your words wisely in the beginning. Words are powerful and most women have a special place in their brains to hang onto them. They may not be brought up to you again for some time , but if you said it , you are accountable for what was said and what it really meant.
Good luck to all and be wise in your search and choices because finding the right one can be a life filled with happiness and joy or it can be a disaster which will affect who you are and how you may treat your next love.


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