13 Reasons Women Turn Down A Second Date

bad first date
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Don't get grabby, have manners, make eye contact and 10 other first-date tips from women.

8. You Make Lots Of Big Declarative Statements About What You're Looking For: Sounds more like you just want someone who will nod along with your lectures. Don't get me wrong, I want to know what kinds of things are important to you. But if it feels like you're going down a checklist, I have to wonder, are you laying down the law or do you want to get to know me?

9. You Called Your Ex-Girlfriend "Crazy": Sure, I might be scared you'd say the same thing about me. But I'm even more afraid that she truly is nutso and, by dating you, I'll incur her vengeful wrath.

10. You Didn't Bring Anything To The Conversation: I'm glad you like what I have to say, but what's on your mind? We're not at that comfortable silence stage at date #1.


11. Dress To Impress: That T-shirt has a stain on it. You don't have to get all fake fancy, but on the first date shouldn't you be trying to look your best? I didn't blow-dry my hair because I thought I was going to meet a mess.

12. You Were Rude To The Waiter/Waitress: Whether you seemed one flirt away from slapping her ass or you complained about every detail of the meal, you should always be respectful. If you're already abusing your relationship with a waiter/waitress, what hope is there for me?

13. I Remind You Of ... : Your mom, your sister, your ex-girlfriend—AGH! Unless you are going to compare me to a babelicious celeb you don't have any connection to (say, Zooey Deschanel, Bar Rafaeli, Marilyn Monroe), keep the comparisons to yourself.


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