Top Conversations Around the Site

Top Conversations Around the Site

There are some great conversations happening around the site this week.

Check out the article "What Kind of Guys Look for Affairs Online?". Currently in the comments a debate is raging over whether it is better to be honest about your affair and divorce or keep it a secret and stay with your mate?

Reflection777 argues:
"But there is no doubt that divorce is far far more determental to children, it leads to greater drug use, higher promiscuity and host of other issues. That is documented."
While Qverb counters:
In the model you proposing as acceptable, it teaches a child that it is acceptable to lie, to break your promises, and to be only concerned with themselves and their needs. The proposed ideal of marriage, one rooted in reality, is also not fantasy. It involves understanding, communication, trust, compromise, and a pursued desire by both partners to share in each other's lives, needs, and desires. Such marriages exist, and these marriages work based on the understanding of both partners brought about by clear and open communication.

Got an opinion? Join in.

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Also, in case you've missed it, every week we feature1-2 community blog posts on our front page. This week we featured "The Only Way To Know When a Relationship is Over" and "Ripple Effected Souls: Spouses of Sexual Abuse Victims."

We love our community! So keep up the great blogs and the awesome comments.

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