Highlights Of Chris Brown On Larry King Live

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Chris Brown answers Larry King's "Are you still in love with Rihanna?" The answer is jolting.

Bossip has posted Chris Brown's apologetic interview on Larry King Live from last night (which wasn't live as excerpts were released Monday). We're noting the highlights from the first three segments to share with you.

Chris Brown pled guilty to felony assault and last week was sentenced to five years of community labor and probation ("He walks straight and narrow for five years," explains his lawyer Mark Geragos) and domestic violence counseling. He and Rihanna are not allowed any contact with one another. Celebrity Love: Chris Brown's Sentence Too Strict For Rihanna

Chris' mom Joyce Hawkins, also present for the interview, called the notorious row devastating and shocking and described it as "the most painful time of my entire life...seeing Chris go through all the pain." She said Rihanna is like a daughter to her (claiming Rihanna calls her "Mom") and she liked Chris being in a relationship with her.

Larry King: This had to be the worst period of your life.

Chris Brown: Possibly.

Larry King: You're glad it's over.

Chris Brown: Yes.

Larry King: You feel [the punishment] is fair?

Chris Brown: Yes.

But on whether Chris feels not being able to communicate with Rihanna is fair:

Chris Brown: Um, it's kind of hard, definitely because her being my friend for so long, and as being that close of a friend is kind of like, wow, like not being able to see or talk to that person is kind of difficult. And it's also hard because we're both in the same industry, we go to the same events, we have to be 10 yards away from each other and...it's harder because we're always in the same vicinity, and because we have the protective order...it leaves room for error...for problems.

Chris' lawyer Mark Geragos commented: You have to be more than careful because there was an incident, or a supposed incident in New York where the two of them unbeknownst to each other, because they don't talk to each other, are rumored to be in the same hotel so before we even verify it, I just tell him, 'Move.' I've kiddingly joked we have to put GPS chips in them. Celebrity Love: Rihanna And Chris Spend Weekend In Same Hotel

Larry King: Do you love [Rihanna]?

Chris Brown: Definitely.

Larry King: In love with her?

Chris Brown: Definitely.

Larry King: Would you spend a lifetime with her?

Chris Brown: [Jokes he's too young to think about spending his whole life with any one person.]

Larry King: What happened [that night]?

Chris Brown: I don't want to talk about what went on. I feel like I owe it to [Rihanna] not to talk about that.

Larry King: Was drinking involved?

Chris Brown: No, I don't want to discuss what was going on...for her privacy as well as mine, not to let people know what went down.

Larry King: Why do you think you were violent?

Chris Brown: ...I wouldn't say it's okay...there's a chance you lose your temper [in a relationship]...I'm not saying domestic violence is part of a relationship. We're young, nobody taught us how to love one another or how to control our anger or our emotions.

Larry King: Do you remember doing it?

Chris Brown: No.

Larry King: How did Rihanna react to all this?

Chris Brown: I don't know. We talked briefly after, but I don't wanna say...we just basically worked it out.

Larry King: There were at least two other incident of domestic violence between you and Rihanna before those February 8 assault. Why were those never reported?

Chris Brown: I don't know...as an actual couple, we had some arguments, but it never got extended to this point.

Larry King: Did you have major differences?

Chris Brown: No, I mean, our relationship was pretty good.

Chris later comments, "This is probably one of the worst moves of my life and I always wish that I could take it back. I've said countless times how sorry I am to Rihanna and I've accepted full responsibility."

The rest of the interview is available on YouTube here.

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