Fun And Free: Dance Party USA

Love, Self

For a cheap date, try dancing.

Despite assurances to the contrary, it still feels like this economy of ours lacks the pizzazz, the robustness and the jazz hands-edness that previous fiscal eras had in spades. They had champagne for breakfast and we have Donaghy Estates sparkling wine. They had gold-plated diapers and THE Bruce Dickinson and we have Jimmy Fallon manning The Tonight Show. They had Escalades for Everyone and we have Cash for Clunkers.

Just because we don't have the drunk-sailor spending capacity that those jerks did five years ago, doesn't mean we can't have a good time. We just have to make our own fun. And that's doubly true for relationships. We have to make love out of nothing at all.

Try making your date a dance party. The Second Chakra (the Sacral Chakra) is located in the hips, crotch and derriere vicinity (from the baby maker right on through the money maker). Providing energy to this area (i.e. shaking it like a Polaroid picture), is said increase a sense of well-being, abundance, loving and creativity—a boost for a new relationship, or a shot-in-the-arm for an an old one. Read: Dancing Can Improve Your Relationship

Clubs that feature dancing oftentimes require a cover (or the absurdly indulgent "bottle service") and anyone offering free dance lessons is probably either trying to sell you a timeshare or is interested in mopery. But you can shake your groove thing at home.

But how do you get your boogaloo on without feeling like a Grade-A jag? Normally, I'd say alcohol and it's a good answer. But you don't need booze for dancing to be fun. You could dance like no one's watching, for instance. First of all, dancing, like sex, pizza and bands at weddings, doesn't need to be "good" to be fun. So, throw on a little Sisqo ("Thong Song," if you have it), have a good time and stop worrying about looking cool for a couple of minutes. Gentlemen, keep if you still feel a little goofy, keep in mind that she is probably not recording your dance-dance revolution with the intention of punking you in front of your boys. Plus, a little close dancing has a way of leading to other stuff… like other things that don't need to be particularly good to be fun. Hmm?

Please note that relationships expert Janice Hoffman tells Digital City that dance lessons are a bad idea for a first date, but she doesn't say word one about at-home Dance Party USA, does she? Now we know why Blind Date was such an awesome show…