What Do You Get Rid Of After A Breakup?


There comes a time in almost all relationships when the plug gets pulled*. Sometimes it's the space between sitting down to the first your first appetizer and when the check comes, other times it's 45 minutes after packing your youngest child off to college. And, sometime later, in some particular order, the following takes place: denial, bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance. Read: The Real Reasons Men Break Up With Women

In the case of the first dinner that never made it to the movie (don't worry, the good guys win and everyone learns more about themselves in the end), this all happens in the course of the ride home and a decent night's sleep. But in the case of something long-term and "real," it can take as long or longer than if that person had just died instead (sorry for the melodrama). Read: The Real Reasons Women Break Up With Men

Next to death and moving, relationship drama is about as gritty as sh*t gets (abject poverty, health problems and killer bees really suck too). Everyone gets through heartbreak differently. After a breakup, some dudes go to Vegas and try to bang a stripper and some gals buy four kilos of iced cream and try to find Nirvana. No matter how you get over it, relationship leave behind detritus, both emotional and physical. 

After a breakup you still have photos and love letters and stuffed animals inexplicably won from rigged carnival games run by crooked carnies. And we hold onto stuff with less obvious sentiment, like the sweater we wore on that first date and tennis rackets that you promised use every sunny weekend. What do you do with that stuff? My pals Em & Lo (EmAndLo.com) have a place for all those relationship remains: the Museum Of Broken Relationships. Finally, a home for abandoned DVD collections, silver jewelry and ultra-soft "Missouri Loves Company" t-shirts. 

I'm sort of an urban nomad, so I generally throw stuff out as I go. I threw out a pair of cufflinks that had sentimental value a few months ago. It didn't feel cathartic, but it I was pretty sure that I'd never wear those gaudy bastards again, so… What would you send to the Museum Of Broken Relationships?  

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*If roughly half of marriages end in divorce and most relationships don't involve a marriage, it's fair to say that most relationships fail at some level, hmm?