The Only Way To Know A Relationship Is Over


So do you end it and not look back? Do you brace yourself and rip off that bandage? Do you look for a soft place to land before the deed is done? What is the best way to extricate yourself from a dead relationship? How To Break Up With A Man: Don't Be Ambiguous


I guess it depends upon how unbearable it is. If it breaks your heart every time the two of you are together, I personally feel that kills a little bit of your soul. Do you find a replacement before you break up (kind of like grabbing onto another vine when you are still swinging on one,) and in doing so, run the risk of being found out and called a cheater?

You could wait for that death knell. You could mourn the relationship before it is actually over so that it isn't as difficult to recover from once it really is over. But does that really work? I don't believe there is one way to break up. Some people pick fights, some people cheat, some people become so obsessive and weird that it hastens the break up. 

Humans don't want to be rejected. So it is a matter of reject before being rejected, hurt now before you hurt later. Or you could just wait until it is really over, but it takes a strong stomach to watch something die. How strong is your stomach?