DJ AM's Final Days: Broken-hearted Over A Split

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Adam Goldstein's sudden death was predated by a painful breakup.

Adam Goldstein — better known as DJ AM — was found dead last night (Friday, August 28) in his New York City apartment. Police, prompted to enter his apartment after a friend called 911, found him face down, shirtless, and surrounded by prescription drugs and a crack pipe. He was 36.

To those who are familiar with his story, Goldstein's end is both shocking and heartbreaking. Over the years, he'd survived two other near-death experiences (first, at age 24, when the gun he tried to kill himself with jammed; and second, when he, along with Travis Barker, survived a plane crash that killed four others last year). He also successfully (or so it seemed) kicked his addictions to food and drugs, dropping over one hundred pounds with the help of gastric bypass surgery and giving up booze and crack for Red Bull and water.

But despite cleaning up his act and surviving the seemingly unsurvivable, Goldstein still battled his demons. On his website, he admitted to struggling with survivor's guilt after the plane crash. And according to a friend, he was suffering from severe hearthache after his recent breakup with model Hayley Wood.

Talking with People, this friend explains: "She ended it, and he didn't want it to end. The breakup hurt him. He hadn't been in a good place lately. For the past week, he wasn't really around, he was keeping to himsef, and he was blowing off people."

The cause of DJ AM's death has not been released, but police say there is no evidence of foul play.

Photo via Bauer Griffin.